Ophthalmologists and Optometrists Are Different

Optometrists provide vision care services, and prescribe vision aids to the eye patients. They provide vision services such as eye examination, and can help treat diseases like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. They prescribe eyeglasses, and contact lenses. They can also help in diagnosing many eye conditions such as glaucoma, cataract, macular degeneration, etc. optometrists are not physicians, but they can prescribe medicines in some places.

Ophthalmologists are physicians, and they provide complete eye care services. They provide vision services, such as eye examination, and eye care for eye diseases. Many eye diseases are related to diabetes, and arthritis. Ophthalmologists help you treat such eye diseases. The ophthalmologists can prescribe glasses, and contact lenses. The first difference between an ophthalmologist and optometrist is about the knowledge they have in eye care, and vision care. Ophthalmologists are more about diagnosis, and treatment of eye diseases. Optometrists are more about eye examination, and prescribing glasses, and contact lenses.

Vision care services by optometrists:

1. General vision services such as eye examination

2. Diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases

3. Prescribing medicines for eye diseases

4. Prevention of injury

5. Vision correction

6. Pre and post operative care for patients requiring surgery

Optometrists prescribe medicines, low vision rehabilitation, vision therapy, eyeglasses, and contact lenses. They can provide counselling, if the patient requires surgery because of an eye disease. Ophthalmologists receive more training to diagnose, and treat many complicated diseases, and eye conditions. In many cases, it is found the ophthalmologists, and optometrists are working together to treat patients.

The J Optom welcomes the submission of original manuscripts and reviews describing clinical and experimental research in the field of Optometry, Ophthalmic Optics, Ocular Surface and Basic and Applied Visual Science in general; research on Instruments and Techniques, Reports of Clinical Cases, and clinically relevant laboratory investigations are also welcomed.

Ophthalmologists are trained in providing vision care services such as eye examination, treatment, vision correction, and lens prescription; many of them do not treat vision correction as primary service.

Many times, patients are unable to decide if they should see the optometrist. it is easier to get the optometrist’s appointment, and they are anyway are prescribing eyeglasses to the patients. At times, it is believed the optometrists are more skilled in vision correction services, because they are working with patients on a daily basis. These days the optometrist’s training is more about diagnosing, and treatment of eye related problems, and less about vision correction.

Ways to Spoil Your Aging Dog

As your beloved companion ages, you may find yourself unintentionally spoiling him less. Sure, he was probably a lot more active in his golden years and toys and treats were a necessity, but there are many other ways that you can spoil your dog as he gets older.

Knowing how to spoil your dog can be tricky when they aren’t as active as they used to be. One solution to that is investing in orthopedic dog goods. Orthopedic dog beds, for example, offer much better support than regular beds and can reduce pain caused by arthritis. Your options aren’t just limited to beds. There are other things such as orthopedic braces and harnesses that can make your dog more comfortable and allow him to be more active. If your dog’s wrist is painful, then get him a wrist brace just like you would for yourself or any other family member. Not only will you have a spoiled dog, but you are also helping him.

Another great idea for spoiling your geriatric dog is by getting them their own set of doggy stairs. Dog stairs can decrease the risk of falls and alleviate pressure on your dog’s joints. There are doggy steps for the car, dog stairs for bed, and even dog stairs for the pool. It doesn’t matter if your four-legged child is large or small; there are a variety of dog steps that will make their elderly years much more comfortable.

Last, but not least, consider scheduling a doggy spa day every once in a while for your pooch. Now and days, there are doggy spas everywhere offering a variety of services including swimming, massages, and the classic pampering. Swimming is not only fun, it also helps promote good muscle tone to support the bones and joints without being as high-impact as walking or running. When swimming, remember to give your dog access to dog stairs in the pool so they can easily enter and exit the pool safely. There are also massages that help ease stiff and sore muscles. If you don’t want to go to a spa, you can also try using essential oils on your dog at home to massage painful areas or as an inhalant to aid with anxiety and stress.

Whether it’s getting dog steps, orthopedic goodies, or scheduling a spa day, it’s easy to spoil your dog while making him happier and more comfortable during old age. Remember, a spoiled dog is a happy dog!

Are You Trying to Lose Weight, But Not Getting Success?

Obesity! Are you afraid of this word? Are you suffering from the same problem? Are you losing your esteem due to overweight? Are you trying to lose weight, but not getting success? Dose people are making fun of your appearance? You are not getting fit into your favorite clothes? If you want to find the answer of all these questions, then you first need to understand what obesity is.

Overweight and obesity are both labels for ranges of weight that are greater than what is generally considered healthy for a given height. It occurs when you eat more calories than you burn in daily activities. In today’s busy schedule and junk food habits, this problem is very common. This problem does not affect your looks, but also puts you at higher risk of serious diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, gout and other chronic illness.

There are many reasons that cause obesity, which includes poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, incomplete sleep, age, pregnancy, etc. Some medical conditions such as osteoarthritis, polycystic ovary syndrome etc. also can cause obesity.

Do not worry! It is very important to adopt lifestyle changes to combat obesity naturally. In addition, you can opt for easy yet effective home remedies to lose weight. Eating habits make a huge difference in the weight loss journey. Here are effective food ingredients to fight obesity.

  • Lemon Juice: With a richness of Vitamin B, Vitamin C,
  • calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and phosphorus, this
  • juice helps improve digestion and contributes in
  • detoxification to help body get required nutrients to
  • reduce excess fat.

Aloe Vera: It stimulates metabolism, mobilized unused far and increases energy consumption. Combining the pulp with citrus juice like grapefruit or lemon or simply with water will exert beneficial uses.

Green Tea: This is known to be natural remedy to promote weight loss. It is a rich source of polyphenols and it helps slow down weight gain by limiting fat absorption and increasing the ability to use fat.

Apple Cider Vinegar: It helps break down the body fat and hence prevent the accumulation of excess fat. Add two spoons of unfiltered apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink it daily morning to see beneficial results. You can also add a spoon of lemon juice to enhance its overall effect.

Curry Leaves: These leaves are rich in proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, minerals, carotenes, nicotinic acid, Vitamin A and C, oxalic acid etc. to help reduce accumulated fat. Eat 10 fresh leaves daily in the morning for 3 to 4 months to experience healthy weight loss effect.

Cabbage: With a natural source of phytochemicals, it improves the imbalance of estrogen metabolism and helps reduce weight naturally.

Honey and Cinnamon: These natural products when combined together, they promote fat metabolism and showcase the reduction of excess fat. Mixing these two ingredients in a cup of hot water and drinking it in the morning and night will help reduce excess fat.

Fennel: These seeds are considered to have diuretic properties to help reduce weight. It also contains essential oil, tannins, flavonoids, sesquiterpenes etc to support healthy weight loss.

Along with healthy eating habits brig some changes to your way of living. Regular exercise, Yoga, cardio will help increase the metabolism and reduces fat quickly. Keeping your body hydrated and quitting smoking and alcohol will also exert beneficial effects towards the weight reduction process.

Eat healthier food and give exercise a priority in your life to live a happy and fit lifestyle naturally!

Musculoskeletal Disorders Related To Diabetes May Be Helped With Chiropractic Care

People with diabetes commonly suffer from musculoskeletal disorders. These musculoskeletal conditions may be helped with chiropractic care.

According to a new paper published in the European Journal of Rheumatology, October 2018 patients with diabetes mellitus have an elevated risk for a number of musculoskeletal conditions including: limited joint mobility syndrome, frozen shoulder/adhesive capsulitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, gouty arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis.

Although chiropractors do not treat diabetes, they commonly treat the musculoskeletal disorders noted above. Most have practitioners would agree that diabetes hinders healing of musculoskeletal injuries. For instance, if a diabetic individual were to fall and sprain their shoulder it would probably take longer for them to heal than a nondiabetic. Likewise, if a person with diabetes was doing a physical job requiring bending at the waist repetitively to pick up objects and strained their lower back the healing time required would be extended.

Since these types of injuries take longer to heal it would be wise for people with diabetes to seek the services of a Doctor of Chiropractic. A chiropractor can meet with the injured patient, perform an examination, obtain x-rays if necessary and provide chiropractic care. Chiropractic care generally consists of gentle, adjustments to spinal and extremity joints. Adjustments are simply movements that a chiropractor performs by hand, instrument or a piece of equipment to realign a patient’s spinal column or joints of the extremities.

Chiropractors have extensive training to examine patients to determine if there are abnormalities such as misalignments or improper movement of areas of the spine or extremities that require treatment. When chiropractic care is added to a treatment regime, patients generally find that pain is improved more quickly and patient’s overall healing time is significantly reduced. In many cases a chiropractor can also determine if there is an underlying weakness to an area of the body such as the neck or the lower back. This is the case, chiropractors are also trained to give patients exercise they can perform at home to minimize the week area so as to lessen chances a recurrence.

Chiropractic care can absolutely be provided without interfering with medical care that a patient may already be receiving. A patient taking medication for diabetes that has been prescribed by their medical physician will continue with their medicine. There will be no contraindication to receive chiropractic treatment.

Doctors of chiropractic, in conjunction with a patient’s medical provider, may be considered for consultation as a safe, non-pharmaceutical, nonsurgical, cost-effective method to treat these extremely common, painful and disabling musculoskeletal disorders.

Trigosamine For Healthy Joints

Trigosamine is a fairly new treatment to the market of supplements which claims to relieve joint pain caused by deterioration. In addition to pain relief, Trigosamine also claims to build and maintain cartilage, the loss of which is often to blame for most pain-related cases.

Trigosamine is produced by the company PatentHealth. PatentHealth came into inception in 2001 and has since become a leader in its industry, focusing on three main principles: Quality, Innovation and Customer Service. PatentHealth is located in Canton, Ohio and is known for producing ‘nutriceuticals’ as well as over-the-counter drugs. Nutriceuticals are medicinal derivatives of food or food/herbal products that are manufactured in natural supplements or medical treatments. Other products brands manufactured by PatentHealth include Apatrim and Fluidjoint.

Trigosamine is a fairly new addition to the world of natural supplements which target joint pain relief. It is the result of combining three specific pre-existing formulas, hyaluronate, chondroitin, and glucosamine. These three substances exist naturally within the human body. Without these three substances, people would not be able to function or move without experiencing extreme degrees of pain. Hyaluronate is the primary lubricant responsible for maintaining super slippery and resilient joints within a human body. It makes it possible for joints to slide smoothly and comfortably over each other. Studies have also shown that synthetic hyaluronate, such as that which is available in Trigosamine, is easily absorbed by the human body and made readily available through the blood stream to joints which lack this important fluid. The two remaining components of Trigosamine, glucosamine and chrondroitin, are both also integral components of bodily cartilage. Glucosamine itself is a precursor required for the production of glycosaminolglycans, which are major components of joint cartilage. Supplemental glucosamine has been shown to help prevent the degeneration of bodily cartilage and has been demonstrated as a successful treatment for arthritis. Furthermore, with the body, the glycosaminolglycans produced from the original glucosamine are then combined with chondroitin to further produce chrondroitin sulfate, which in turn is also an important structural component of cartilage. Chrondroitin sulfate provides much of the cartilage’s ability to resist compression and is therefore an important substance in the maintenance and production of cartilage within the human body. The combination of these two substances within Trigosamine serves to supplement the body’s natural production in the event that it is not producing enough to maintain the cartilage within. By providing the body with additional sources of these two important substances, it can not only repair damaged cartilage, but prevents further injury to it as well by providing the building blocks to produce additional lubrication.

Trigosamine’s effects take several weeks to notice. It is thought that this is because your body requires several weeks of building up levels of each of the three ingredients in order to completely supplement its own reserves. While glucosamine and chondroitin both are generally believed to fairly well tolerated by most individuals, however, the hyaluronate compound appears to have effects on a small percentage of people that may include bloating, gas, nausea and cramping. These have been of varying degrees and the specific circumstances which may cause them to appear in each individual have not yet been determined. As some of the derivatives used to artificially create the ingredients are also manufactured from forms of shellfish it is recommended those with allergies or asthma consult a physician prior to taking Trigosamine. However, the majority of individuals who have tried the medication tout it as highly effective. With reports of persons with bone on bone contact being able to increase their daily ability to walk from almost nothing to up to 3 miles within a matter of months, and one subject even having reported experiencing pain relief in as little as 4 days, it is easy to see how Trigosamine could become an appealing, natural, alternative to many of today’s current joint pain medications.

Traveling in India? Great Meet and Assist Service by Spice Jet Airlines

When something goes wrong, we complain to the world. However, when something goes better than we expected, the credit doesn’t necessarily always go where it should. I’m writing this blog post/ article/ review to give that credit where it’s due.


My parents, both of who are in their late 60’s, were flying to Bangalore in April to meet relatives there. All of us were booked on an early morning SpiceJet flight. I normally do my trips with them since I feel uncomfortable about them traveling alone. However, as chance would have it, an important & un-avoidable business trip came up during the same period and I had to cancel my ticket.


Worried, I called up the airline and found out that they have a “Meet & Assist” service. The service was free of charge so I didn’t have too many expectations from it, nonetheless I chose to avail it, since that would lend me some peace of mind.


On the day of the departure, I drove my parents down to the airport unsure of how they’ll manage without me around or even if this “Meet and Assist” thing would work well.


Anyhow, here’s their account of the journey from the Delhi Airport to Bangalore when I spoke to them after they reached.


My parents were met by a ground staff at the check in counter who helped them through all the formalities and helped them to check in quickly. My mother has arthritis, making it difficult for her to climb stairs and such. Noticing this, a SpiceJet staff helped her aboard the bus and arranged for a seat in the over crowded bus.


Inside the aircraft, my parents were guided to their seats and the in flight staff put their hand luggage in the hold. My mother is a jittery passenger like some and not really comfortable during the initial takeoff and landing. However, she found both quite comfortable on the flight which helped her relax for the journey.


Since this was an early morning flight, I had pre-ordered breakfast for both of them. They quite liked the food which had a healthy variety and good taste. The same staff member who had helped them with their luggage also got them complimentary tea and cookies. 


Check out again was a breeze since the on-ground staff was there to help. They also rolled the trolley for them till the exit point.


Mom and dad are of course really happy about the five star treatment they got from the SpiceJet staff. What makes me really happy is that finally there is an airline which is sensitive to the needs of senior citizens and an airline that I can let my parents fly alone on.


Definitely recommended.

Bathroom Remodeling Products and Services

There are so many things that can be upgraded when it comes to remodeling your bathroom. From the ceiling to the floor there are plenty of improvements to consider. Many people stick to minimal upgrades and will replace the flooring or paint the walls, but there are many more upgrades available. Replacing tubs or installing vanities are two improvements that really enhance a bathroom. Here are some products and services to consider during the makeover process…

Whirlpool and air bathtubs are luxurious upgrades that are actually beneficial to your health. Many older people enjoy them for their health benefits as they reduce stress, relieve pains associated with arthritis, improve blood circulation and digestion, and relax muscles. Whirlpool tubs can be adjusted by temperature and speed. The number of jets and where they are located can all be custom installed by a contractor. Air bathtubs differ from whirlpools because the water is rising from the bottom, there is less pressure, the pressure is not targeted by jets, and the tub does not need to be full for the air bath to operate. The option to have a combination of air and jets is always available.

Many people crave a spacious standup shower in their bathroom, but instead have a traditional bathtub. Not to mention as you get older or if you have limited mobility, getting in and out of a bathtub can be dangerous. Matter of fact, over 200,000 people a year are sent to the hospital from slipping in the bathtub. Stand up showers are a safe and attractive choice. You can customize a stand up shower with jets, shower heads, seats, shower caddies, handrails and more. There are even tile and flooring options now that are grout free and therefore are guaranteed not to leak. This is great because they require far less maintenance as you do not have to deal with cleaning moldy grouts.

Vanities are always a nice upgrade with many different product options. You can have your vanity custom installed based on your height. There are different wood shades to choose from and countertop materials like granite or quartz. During this installation you will also have to consider what kind of sink you want along with cabinetry hardware and sink nozzle and spout hardware.

Not only are there tons of different services to consider when remodeling a bathroom, but there are even more products and styles to choose from. There are upgrades available in a full range of prices and free estimates can always be given by a contractor. You should be able to easily locate one locally online.

The Benefits of a Fibromyalgia Service Dog

Fibromylagia is a form of rheumatism that affects soft tissue and not the joints. Individuals who suffer from the Fibromyalgia syndrome or FMS encounter chronic pain in different points of the body such as the upper back, neck, lower back and more. Using a Fibromyalgia service dog can help alleviate that pain in many ways.

Research and studies show that individuals who suffer from chronic pain and have service dogs are able to better cope with the symptoms over those who don’t have such dogs do. Even people with heart ailments who have dogs or pets are less likely to need more medical attention after being discharged from the hospital, studies say.

Perhaps the reason why having a service dog helps in treating the symptoms of FMS is because having a warm, loyal and furry friend helps one to cope with the pain that comes with the affliction. This is because the patient may feel more secure and content with the presence of a dog and it gives them something else to focus on other than their pain.

In some cases, a dog or pet can prove to be the motivation a person with FMS needs to get out of bed in the morning despite feeling like they’d much rather stay under the covers.

Studies have also shown that owning pets, particularly trained dogs can help alleviate stress. This fact is especially beneficial for individuals who suffer from FMS because stress needs to be avoided at all times to avoid occurrence or the worsening of symptoms. This is why many FMS treatments include stress alleviation through drugs or natural alternative remedies.

For information about natural methods of treating fibromyalgia symptoms continue reading and sign up for the free newsletter below.

A lot of individuals with FMS may shy away from the prospect of having a dog because they may think that owning a pet may be too much to manage especially when FMS symptoms set it. However, a properly trained dog can really help if mobility is impaired. They can do activities like switching on and off lights, help with the laundry, opening doors and retrieving items.

Although you will need to be able to meet the needs of you dog too. They have to be fed and watered, given room to run and exercise and you should ensure that nothing in your house or garden could cause them harm.

If you are interested in getting a service dog to help you then you will need to be legally registered as having a disability as service dogs are specifically trained to help with particular conditions. You’ll need to complete forms and submit them to the organization of your choice. It’s important to note that this process can be length and expensive, so check to see if you are entitled to any compensation

Will Pain Management Help Your Arthritis Pain?

Arthritis is debilitating for many Americans. The pain is so debilitating it is a life-changing. It puts severe limits on their daily activities for leisure as well as employment. When asked, an arthritic patient will tell you that if they have to place their level of pain on a scale, it would rank seven to 10, and some would rank theirs off the scale.

There are over 100 different types of arthritis and other diseases that are related to it. The main types of arthritis are:

• Fibromyalgia

• Gout

• Osteoarthritis

• Psoriatic

• Rheumatoid

Each of these can cause a person different pain in different ways and this is where professional pain management is helpful. The symptoms of pain can range from having a fever or experiencing a rash.

As painful as it is, there is a purpose to having pain. It is you body’s way of providing to your brain that something is wrong. It is telling your brain that is has a problem and needs attention. Pain is your body’s natural protective response.

Arthritis Pain Causes

With arthritis and its related diseases, pain is commonly felt in the body’s joints. Each person will experience it in different ways from a burning sensation to a tight or tingling sensation. It may be a dull pain consistently or frequent sharp pains. Regardless of what type of pain you are experiencing, pain management is something that each person seeks.

The following can cause arthritis joint pain:

• Joint and tissue inflammation common in psoriatic arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis

• Bone rubbing together because cartilage and lubricating fluids are depleted causing the bones to rub against each other, common with osteoarthritis

• Joints inflamed from uric acid crystals build up common with gout

The National Center for Health Statistics reports that over 76 million of Americans are suffering from chronic pain with over half of them said to be from some form of arthritis. So with such a widespread problem, you have to wonder if anything can be done in the way of pain management.

Well, there are medications galore, both prescription and over-the-counter that will provide pain management. They need to be used properly and when they aren’t, which is very common, the possible risks are astounding. Even when taken as directed, many of them can cause damage after a period of time.

This is why more and more people are willing to explore alternative therapy and treatment to find that pain relief. And fortunately, there are many options today, some of which we’ll review here:

1. Topical Medications

• Creams, gels, and patches are popular. They are applied to the area of the body where the pain is experienced and supply sodium channel blockers like lidocaine or prilocaine. These are available over-the-counter and there are also prescription NSAIDs that come in the form of drops, gels, patches or sprays as well.

2. TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation)

• TENS unit is a pocket-sized device, making it great because it is portable, that sends electrical current by way of electrodes and wires that are placed on the areas of pain. This is not a recommended pain management method for anyone that has infections, open wounds or a pacemaker.

3. The right footwear

• Over thirty percent of those suffering from osteoarthritis are not wearing the right shoes. What researchers have found is that shoes that are flat and flexible such as flip-flops or sneakers reduce the amount of force that exerted on knee joints as much as 15 percent.

4. Steroid injections

• Corticosteroids or steroids as they are more commonly known. They are the synthetic version of the hormone cortisol and reduce inflammation, providing pain management.

These are just four ways for a person suffering from arthritis to find pain management help. A pain doctor may prescribe one or more of these at the same along with prescription medication.

Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital, Lexington, KY – Premier Post Acute Rehab Specialists

Opening in 1950 to treat childhood victims of polio, Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital has evolved into a 108 bed physical rehab facility that provides premier services to post acute patients from Kentucky and across the nation. Patients and family visiting from outside of Lexington have an attractive selection of hotels in Lexington, Ky from which to choose.

Owned by the Kentucky Easter Seals Society, Cardinal Hill's mission is to assist people with limiting disabilities to achieve as much independence as possible. The hospital is accredited by CARF, or the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, and serves over 9,000 adult and child patients every year, meeting their physical rehabilitation needs via healthcare services provided in outpatient, inpatient and at-home settings. It is one of the largest physical rehabilitation centers in the Commonwealth and can be visited from various hotels in Lexington, Ky.

Inpatient care is provided at the Hospital and includes services for end-of-life, elderly / disabled, and infection. Outpatient care is provided through the Cardinal Hill Pain Institute, Outpatient Clinic, Home Care Services and Adult Day Health. Services rendered through these facilities and programs include physical rehab, geriatric services, sports medicine, wound management, arthritis center, home health, fitness center, and more. Patient and family support services are also provided for assistance with government services, translation, support groups, transportation, and chaplain / pastoral care.

Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital specializes in a variety of injuries and conditions which require extensive rehab treatment. Such specialized services include treatment for brain injury, spinal cord injury, amputation, neurological and orthopedic conditions, and other conditions which are traumatic or disabling. Those requiring Cardinal Hill's specialized rehab services will find wonderful accommodations in the many hotels in Lexington, Ky offered throughout the city.

The hospital also contains several therapeutic pools to help patients progress in their treatments and are easily accessed from nearby hotels in Lexington, KY. These pools include a Therapeutic Pool with a maintained temperature of 95ºF, a Therapeutic pool maintained at between 86-88ºF, and another pool that provides swimming resistance. These pools can be accessed via ladders, stairs, zero entry ramps, or chair lifts.

The Rehabilitation Unit opened in 2005 and is housed within the Hospital. The unit contains semi-private rooms, meets the rehab needs of inpatient guests and utilizes state-of-the-art techniques administered by skilled rehabilitation professionals. The goal of this specialized unit is to treat orthopedic problems and mild neurological conditions as well as to help de-condition patients who are not qualified for acute physical rehab.

If you have a debilitating physical problem and live in Kentucky, or live outside of the state but cannot find adequate physical therapy assistance, contact Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital to help you or a loved one recover a more independent life. Should you need a place to stay during your visit to Cardinal Hill, book a room at one of the many luxury, mid-range, or budget hotels in Lexington KY , where you will be greeted with Kentucky hospitality and inviting accommodations.