Ways to Spoil Your Aging Dog

As your beloved companion ages, you may find yourself unintentionally spoiling him less. Sure, he was probably a lot more active in his golden years and toys and treats were a necessity, but there are many other ways that you can spoil your dog as he gets older.

Knowing how to spoil your dog can be tricky when they aren’t as active as they used to be. One solution to that is investing in orthopedic dog goods. Orthopedic dog beds, for example, offer much better support than regular beds and can reduce pain caused by arthritis. Your options aren’t just limited to beds. There are other things such as orthopedic braces and harnesses that can make your dog more comfortable and allow him to be more active. If your dog’s wrist is painful, then get him a wrist brace just like you would for yourself or any other family member. Not only will you have a spoiled dog, but you are also helping him.

Another great idea for spoiling your geriatric dog is by getting them their own set of doggy stairs. Dog stairs can decrease the risk of falls and alleviate pressure on your dog’s joints. There are doggy steps for the car, dog stairs for bed, and even dog stairs for the pool. It doesn’t matter if your four-legged child is large or small; there are a variety of dog steps that will make their elderly years much more comfortable.

Last, but not least, consider scheduling a doggy spa day every once in a while for your pooch. Now and days, there are doggy spas everywhere offering a variety of services including swimming, massages, and the classic pampering. Swimming is not only fun, it also helps promote good muscle tone to support the bones and joints without being as high-impact as walking or running. When swimming, remember to give your dog access to dog stairs in the pool so they can easily enter and exit the pool safely. There are also massages that help ease stiff and sore muscles. If you don’t want to go to a spa, you can also try using essential oils on your dog at home to massage painful areas or as an inhalant to aid with anxiety and stress.

Whether it’s getting dog steps, orthopedic goodies, or scheduling a spa day, it’s easy to spoil your dog while making him happier and more comfortable during old age. Remember, a spoiled dog is a happy dog!

The Benefits of a Fibromyalgia Service Dog

Fibromylagia is a form of rheumatism that affects soft tissue and not the joints. Individuals who suffer from the Fibromyalgia syndrome or FMS encounter chronic pain in different points of the body such as the upper back, neck, lower back and more. Using a Fibromyalgia service dog can help alleviate that pain in many ways.

Research and studies show that individuals who suffer from chronic pain and have service dogs are able to better cope with the symptoms over those who don’t have such dogs do. Even people with heart ailments who have dogs or pets are less likely to need more medical attention after being discharged from the hospital, studies say.

Perhaps the reason why having a service dog helps in treating the symptoms of FMS is because having a warm, loyal and furry friend helps one to cope with the pain that comes with the affliction. This is because the patient may feel more secure and content with the presence of a dog and it gives them something else to focus on other than their pain.

In some cases, a dog or pet can prove to be the motivation a person with FMS needs to get out of bed in the morning despite feeling like they’d much rather stay under the covers.

Studies have also shown that owning pets, particularly trained dogs can help alleviate stress. This fact is especially beneficial for individuals who suffer from FMS because stress needs to be avoided at all times to avoid occurrence or the worsening of symptoms. This is why many FMS treatments include stress alleviation through drugs or natural alternative remedies.

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A lot of individuals with FMS may shy away from the prospect of having a dog because they may think that owning a pet may be too much to manage especially when FMS symptoms set it. However, a properly trained dog can really help if mobility is impaired. They can do activities like switching on and off lights, help with the laundry, opening doors and retrieving items.

Although you will need to be able to meet the needs of you dog too. They have to be fed and watered, given room to run and exercise and you should ensure that nothing in your house or garden could cause them harm.

If you are interested in getting a service dog to help you then you will need to be legally registered as having a disability as service dogs are specifically trained to help with particular conditions. You’ll need to complete forms and submit them to the organization of your choice. It’s important to note that this process can be length and expensive, so check to see if you are entitled to any compensation